Tile & Grout Cleaning

Would You Like to Eat Off Your Floor?

We do not recommend eating off the floor, but we guarantee that after our professional tile and grout cleaning process, you could if you really wanted to. Tile always seems like such a great idea in a home and gives an open, finished appearance. That is, until dirt, grime and cleaning residue build up in porous tile surfaces and grout lines turning your gorgeous tile into dull, dingy flooring. Scrubbing on your hand and knees with harsh products may temporarily improve the situation, but penetrating the porous flooring can only be accomplished with a professional cleaning system.

Ceramic tile, granite, marble and slate will all sparkle again with our deep cleaning. We start with a cleaning solution that increases in power when heated up. A high powered hot H2O extraction process penetrates porous surfaces and hard to reach grout lines to suck contaminates out of the flooring. The final step is a high powered rinse that removes any residual cleaning product and dirt particles, leaving your floor looking brand new.

We don’t stop with your floor. If your tile or natural surface counter tops or showers need a deep cleaning, our cleaning system can remove stains, mildew and soap scum as well. The results are astounding and yield the following results:

  • Remove Mold and Mildew.– The build up of mold spores deep within porous grout lines is a health risk and is unsightly.
  • Appearance.– Professional cleaning system restores the luster to floor and wall tiles.
  • Extend the Life.– Cleaning by hand with harsh chemicals or bleach can remove the protective coating of the tile and grout, reducing the life of the product. Our cleaning systems are not harsh and may extend the life of the tile.

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