Upholstery Cleaning

Is That New Furniture?

That is the question that guests will ask after we breathe new life into your furniture. Professional deep upholstery cleaning will rejuvenate any room by renewing and re-freshening dirty, worn-looking furniture. When vacuuming and spot cleaning just aren’t doing the trick, it is time to call in the professionals to remove ingrained dirt and stains from upholstery. Whether your furniture tells tales of tiny, sticky fingers, wine spills from dinner parties, or pungent odors from adorable pets, our professional cleaning system will restore furniture to its former beauty.

Our upholstery cleaning services include an extensive process which includes vacuuming, stain treatment, overall cleaning, rinsing, and water extraction. We focus on the details so your furniture won’t just look clean. It will actually BE clean. We select specially formulated products for your upholstery and apply the product with state-of-the-art equipment and revolutionary industry cleaning methods. The results are astounding and yield the following benefits:

  • Reduce Allergens.– Pet and naturally occurring allergens, such as dust mites and mold spores, collect in your furniture and can easily trigger allergies and sometimes even asthma. Besides, they are gross and don’t belong in your furniture.
  • Odor Removal.– Sharing our homes with our pets is a joy to the whole family, but their smells may linger. Your furniture will no longer smell dingy or moldy like your dog.
  • Fresh Appearance.– Furniture is a significant expense, and regular cleaning can easily extend the life of your furniture, saving your hard-earned money. Investing in regularly scheduled upholstery cleaning is a wise decision.

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